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Fire Emblem Sheet Music Index Of

Fire Emblem Sheet Music

PDF Sheet Music Fortune Telling - Fire Emblem PDF [41K]

FireEmblem Request Sheet Music Forum

This guy made a few midis which can be converted to sheet music. This guy hosts JPG sheet music for Hyrule Temple).

Full Sound Track

  • Fire Emblem Theme -Opera Version-
  • Prelude ~Fire Emblem Theme from "A Story Handed Down Through Gernrations"
  • 1st Charge (Arrange Version)
  • Beyong the Distant Skies ~ Roy's Journey
  • Beneath a New Light ~ Roy's Courage (Arrange Version)
  • Within Nature's Magnificence ~ Roy's Expedition
  • The Road to Divine Commander ~ Roy's Challenge
  • Winning Road ~ Roy's Hopes
  • The Deer in the Field ~ Rikia, Etruria
  • Frontier ~ Western 3 Islands, Misura Peninsula
  • Polar Region ~ Llia, Saka
  • The Dragon's Land ~ Bern
  • A Surprise Vistor
  • Princess of Fate
  • Suspicious ~ Commander of the 3 Dragons Theme
  • Dignity ~ Commander of the 3 Dragons Theme
  • Melancholy ~ Commander of the 3 Dragons Theme
  • Bern's Original Name
  • Victory
  • Time to Rush Forth
  • A Utopia Far Away (Arrange Version)
  • The King of Bern
  • Sorceress in the Dark
  • For Whom I Fight
  • Shock II
  • Shaman in the Dark
  • Epilogue
  • Military Achievements
  • After the War
  • Eternal Wind (Arrange Version)

Sacred Stones ( Fuuin no Tsurugi )

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